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At Ferrari Energy, one of the leading oil companies in Colorado, we help landowners manage and sell oil and gas royalties.

Ferrari Energy is one of the most specialized oil companies in Colorado. We offer consultation services to landowners interested in selling mineral rights and oil and gas royalties. Our mission is to share our extensive knowledge regarding the benefits of selling oil and gas royalties with landowners. From acquisition and engineering to land titles and risk management, our team ensures every client optimizes their assets while maximizing their peace of mind. See what makes us one of the best oil and gas companies to work with and learn about landowner benefits of selling mineral rights with Ferrari Energy.

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The diverse terrain of the United States offers many opportunities for landowners to reap the benefits of the natural resources of their land by selling oil and gas royalties. Unlike other oil companies in Colorado, Ferrari Energy actively acquires attractive assets in a few select states including Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Texas, Utah and Oklahoma. What are mineral rights in your region? We encourage you to read more about how to sell mineral rights and make the most of your mineral rights value. After all, Ferrari Energy is one of the best oil and gas companies in Colorado.

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"...Ferrari Energy offered us the best price and shortest due diligence period. They were professional, honest and fair with me and my family."