June 26, 2018

Adam Ferrari Offers Insight to Land Owners in Greeley – Greeley Tribune

Our CEO Adam Ferrari spoke with Greeley Tribune about some of the options landowners have with their mineral interests.

“Many mineral owners don’t understand that you do not have to take the oil company’s lease offer,” Ferrari said. “There are several options available, and it is important to understand the differences.”

“Oil and gas agreements are complicated but most oil companies do a poor job of educating mineral owners about what is involved,” Ferrari said. “The mineral asset has real value and there are many ways to monetize that value.”

“Making sound financial decisions is our core business,” Ferrari stated. “We have the scale to assume a level of risk that might scare off an individual. And, we can hedge on price if we need to mitigate the downside that comes with every proposed development.

Read more of Adam’s interview with Greeley Tribune by clicking here.

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