November 12, 2017

Do I Own the Mineral Rights to My Property?

Gather All Available Documents

Keep good records at all times!

From sales agreements to title verification, there are numerous documents on record relating to your mineral rights, royalties and land. The more data and records you gather, the more efficiently you’ll be able to answer one important question: “Do I Own the Mineral Rights to My Property?”

Learn even more about mineral rights and royalties in Mineral Rights 101.

Common Documents Related to Mineral Interest

  • Purchase and Sales Agreement (PSA)
  • Title Verification
  • IRS Form 1031
  • Expense Sheet
  • Mineral Deed

Other Important Information

  • Purchase Price
  • Closing Date
  • Production Timeframe

Ferrari Energy - Do I own mineral rightsHire Consultants to Locate Your Records

Save time with quality mineral rights consultants!

At Ferrari Energy, our team is dedicated to helping you manage your mineral rights. If you’re missing certain documents for your properties or mineral interests, expert consultants can help you locate them. We can help you determine if you own the mineral rights to your property and help you get started with a sale.

Request a mineral rights consultation and learn more with Mineral Rights 101.

Ferrari Energy mineral right owner

What it Means to Possess Mineral Rights

Now that you have determined that you own the mineral rights to your property, you’ll want to consider the implications. Here are a few things you should know about your mineral interests:

  • If you’re living in an area known to be rich in minerals, you may be approached by mineral rights buyers.
  • Some buyers may offer you a deal with a low mineral rights value.
  • Ferrari Energy can help you ensure you enter into good deals confidently and receive the highest mineral rights value possible.
  • You may be subject to certain taxes in accordance with mineral rights law.

Use Our Free Resources to Manage Your Mineral Rights

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  4. Read our comprehensive guide for how to value mineral rights;
  5. Gather information about your mineral rights ownership.
  6. Find reasons for why should you sell your mineral rights.

Earn money from the mineral rights on land you own with the help of Ferrari Energy.

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