May 7, 2018

Finding Companies that Buy Mineral Rights: What You Need to Know

Mineral Rights Buyers

With an abundance of companies that buy mineral rights, it’s difficult to determine who you should trust. Before you seek out mineral rights buyers, be sure to gather all the important information about your land, minerals and royalties. If you’re not sure where to start, let Ferrari Energy help you manage your mineral rights.

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Here’s what you need to know about who buys mineral rights:

  1. Be Prepared
  2. Avoid Internet Searches
  3. Find Local Buyers
  4. Maximize Your Value
  5. Consider the Timeline

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Be Prepared

Do you have all the necessary agreements, documents and historical data on your property? Gathering all the important information and resources before you initiate a conversation with companies that buy mineral rights. Landowners interested in selling mineral rights often turn to Ferrari Energy to help prepare for the sale.

Avoid Internet Searches

At Ferrari Energy, we only recommend using end-buyers. While the internet is full of valuable information about mineral rights, it’s also loaded with poor-quality buyers and brokers. Rather than reaching out to the first mineral rights buyer you find online, conduct research to make sure they have your best interests in mind. At Ferrari Energy, we recommend using end-buyers at all times. Learn more in Mineral Rights 101.

Find Local Buyers

It’s best to find local buyers when you’re interested in selling your mineral rights. Knowledge of local tax laws, geology and other factors will facilitate a smooth sale. Ferrari Energy works locally with landowners in a variety of states and serve as local experts to many mineral rights owners. Our current areas of interest include Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma and Utah.

Maximize Your Value

Without the proper experts at your disposal, you may not be getting the most for your mineral rights. A mineral rights appraisal from a company you trust is a crucial step you should take before finding mineral rights buyers. It’s helpful to have a clear picture of the potential value of your mineral rights before you reach out to companies that buy mineral rights.

Consider the Timeline

While reputable buyers close in 30 days, selling mineral rights may be delayed if the buyers or sellers are not properly prepared. Many companies that buy mineral rights will pressure you into a sale. It’s not uncommon for a landowner to rush into a sale and later realize it wasn’t a good move. We recommend requesting a consultation from us to ensure everything goes smoothly and to answer remaining questions about how to sell mineral rights.

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Ferrari Energy: A Team You Can Trust

Ferrari Energy is a Denver-based oil and gas company focused on exploration and management of mineral rights. While other companies that buy mineral rights may not have your best interests in mind, Ferrari Energy places our customers first. Our team of consultants is highly trained with years of experience in the acquisition and management of oil and gas royalties. We offer transparent analysis and the resources necessary for landowners to make the best decisions regarding their mineral rights.

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