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If you have questions about how to value mineral rights or if you already know you want to sell and are looking for the best offer, please get in touch with us to request a mineral rights appraisal. When it comes to managing, buying and selling mineral rights, no one does it better than Ferrari Energy. Our team holds decades of combined experience helping landowners take full-advantage of the hidden wealth beneath their soil. A mineral rights valuation from our team of experts is the first step in selling oil and gas royalties. Don’t wait to get started – let Ferrari Energy assist you in getting top dollar and value for your mineral rights. Request a mineral rights appraisal today!

Our Denver-based team has helped countless landowners manage their oil and gas mineral rights for sale.

To request a mineral right valuation, simply fill out the form, or call us at (720) 943-5980.

Why Sell Mineral Rights?

Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk of volatile oil and gas prices and convert your minerals into a cash lump sum today.

Accelerate Value

Accelerate valuation of mineral rights and enjoy the benefit of making your minerals work for you.

Reduce Taxes

Reduce your mineral rights tax burden by realizing much lower capital gains tax rates.

Invest Proceeds

Invest proceeds from a sale tax free into other real property by using a 1031 exchange.

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Whether you’re a landowner looking for a mineral rights appraisal, or you’re interested in learning more about how to sell mineral rights, we’d love to hear from you.

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