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Ferrari Energy provides North Dakota mineral rights owners with insight and know-how to earn the maximum possible value from their natural resources. With years of experience working with landowners, we’re proud to be known as one of the leading oil and gas companies operating in a handful of U.S. states, including North Dakota. We are known for offering landowners industry-leading mineral rights appraisals and educational resources in the state of North Dakota.

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North Dakota mineral rights have soared over the past ten years. In 2006, the discovery of the Parshall Oil Field brought a great deal of wealth to the state in what is known as the North Dakota Oil Boom. While the rapid extraction of oil in the region reached its peak in 2012, the region is still quite abundant in minerals. According The Wall Street Journal, this mineral rush led Williston, North Dakota to become the “fastest-growing small city in the U.S.” at the time. Are you ready to tap into the hidden wealth in your North Dakota mineral rights? Contact Ferrari Energy to learn more about identifying your North Dakota mineral rights value..

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What are the potential benefits of selling your mineral rights in North Dakota? Earn money from your North Dakota mineral rights with the help of Ferrari Energy. We offer a variety of management and consultation services for mineral rights owners in North Dakota, with one goal in mind – help you receive the highest value possible. If you’re interested in selling your North Dakota mineral rights, then look no further than Ferrari Energy. We are here to provide you with an industry-leading mineral rights appraisal, personal consultations and other valuable resources.

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