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Are you interested in selling your mineral rights in Oklahoma? If you’re interested in learning about the potential benefits of offering your mineral rights for sale, Ferrari Energy can help. When it comes to managing your Oklahoma Mineral Rights, our expert team provides a variety of services and resources to landowners. We can assist you in locating historical information about your property to determine the value of your mineral rights. Ferrari Energy offers industry-leading mineral rights consultations, educational resources and accurate valuations in the state of Oklahoma.

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Tulsa, the “Oil Capital of the World;” History of Oklahoma Mineral Rights

In 1905, the Glenn family discovered oil on their farm just south of Tulsa. For this reason, the region became known as the “Glen Pool” as hundreds of rich oil wells were soon uncovered. Fifteen years later and Tulsa became home to over 400 petroleum companies. The drilling boom made headlines around the world and Tulsa County quickly became known as “Oil Capital of the World.” Today, the field produces oil primarily through small wells but many landowners still earn revenue on mineral rights in Oklahoma. To determine the value of your mineral interests, contact Ferrari Energy today for a complementary mineral rights appraisal.

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Do you own a property in Oklahoma that may hold mineral rights? If you are interested in turning a profit on your land, it’s important to work with a company you can trust. Ferrari Energy is here to assist you with managing or selling your mineral rights in Oklahoma. After we’ve provided a professional valuation, you’ll have a clearer picture of just how much revenue you stand to earn. A mineral rights appraisal provides valuable information about earning the highest possible value for your oil and gas rights. You can also learn about how to sell your Oklahoma mineral rights in our comprehensive Mineral Rights 101 guide.

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We didn’t’ become one of the top oil & gas companies in Colorado by accident. Our team of experts worked hard to become industry-leaders in mineral rights sales. Our reach includes a handful of U.S. states, including Oklahoma. We can help you leverage your Oklahoma mineral rights in order to produce a profit. Our team will work with you on every aspect of your mineral rights ownership, guiding you through the entire process. From title research to tax information, our team has you covered from start to finish. When you’re ready to learn how to potentially increase your income with mineral rights and royalties, be sure to contact Ferrari Energy.

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