What Land Owners Are Saying


“Ferrari Energy offered us the best price and shortest due diligence period. They were professional, honest and fair with me and my family. Kevin was responsive and honest to all of my questions. He closed my deal before the end of the due diligence period and at the price they promised me. I would recommend anyone considering selling mineral rights to contact Ferrari energy first.”

8 Acres, 1N-64W, Weld County, CO
Acquisition Landman, Kevin Rangel

Lori Miller

“Being a recent widow, I had so many different issues with medical bills, transferring titles and general lack of knowledge about how to go about dealing with my situation. Ross Wightman with Ferrari Energy contacted me at this tough time. Ross was one of the most forth coming, honest and caring people I had ever had the pleasure of working with. He kept me informed, he followed thru with his commitments and due to some legal issues following my husband’s death, Ferrari Energy walked me through after THEY hired an attorney to be sure I had no problems. Now it is almost a year since this all took place, Ross still occasionally checks in with me, even though I have relocated to another state.”

41 Acres, 14N-64W, Weld County, CO
Acquisitions Manager, Ross Wightman

Lauren Hergert

“Working with Sean and Ferrari Energy was a pleasurable experience. They were very helpful in explaining the procedure in buying the mineral rights step by step and Sean was always there to answer any questions I had. He kept me well informed on how the process was going and what to expect on next step. They did everything that they said they would do in the purchase agreement that I signed. They are an upfront company with excellent people. I would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone who would have concerns about selling their mineral rights.”

18 Acres, 6N-66W, Weld County, CO
Acquisitions Manager, Sean Goodnight


“We received multiple inquiries to purchase our mineral royalties over the last few years, although we were admittedly skeptical at first, Ferrari came in with the best offer based on what our personal projections were. The contracts with Ferrari were very simple and clear, and they were always a phone call or email away throughout the entire process. We worked with Tom Kruk and he did a fantastic job getting back to me quickly, explaining the process, getting me any additional information. My wife and I were very skeptical and nervous, and there is a sentiment in America to not trust big business, our experience with Ferrari was great, and restored our faith that there are still ethical companies in the oil and gas business.”

2.5 Acres, 6N-67W, Weld County, CO
Acquisition Landman, Tom Kruk


“Recently, my wife and I sold our oil and gas rights to Ferrari Energy out of Denver, Colorado, represented by Sean Goodnight. Ferrari Energy completed the terms and time tables of our contract agreement without any issues. We were paid promptly and on the exact days stipulated in our contract. Sean Goodnight made the process easy to understand, respected our schedule and location, and was very professional in our negotiations. Ferrari Energy is a fair and reputable energy company and I would recommend them if you are considering selling your gas and oil rights.”

80 Acres, 6N-65W, Weld County, CO
Acquisitions Manager, Sean Goodnight