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Unearth the Value of Selling Mineral Rights in Texas

Ferrari Energy will help you manage your Texas mineral rights to produce the highest possible value.

When it comes to managing your Texas Mineral Rights, Ferrari Energy provides a variety of mineral rights services. Whether you need assistance finding historical information about your land, or you’re looking to sell your mineral rights and royalties, the experienced team of professionals are here to help. Ferrari Energy is well-known for providing landowners with industry-leading mineral rights consultations, valuations and educational resources in the state of Texas.

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The Texas Oil Boom: History of mineral rights in Texas

As the most valuable minerals in the state, oil and natural gas royalties are a common source of income in Texas. The state’s first major oil refinery was established in 1899; however, Native American Indians had been using oil for medicinal use many centuries earlier. Oil Springs, Bexar County and Hardin County were three main sources of oil in the late 1800’s. Today, Texas mineral rights are still flourishing in what’s sometimes referred to as the [everlasting] Texas Oil Boom. If you think you may own mineral rights in Texas, you may be able to cash in on the oil boom yourself! Contact Ferrari Energy today for a complementary mineral rights appraisal.

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Uncover the value of selling your mineral rights in Texas.

Are you interested in turning a profit on an old property? Or perhaps you recently inherited new land? No matter the circumstance, you should consider selling your Texas mineral rights. The first step in securing your mineral interests involves a professional valuation. If you’re not sure where to start, Ferrari Energy is here to assist. By requesting a mineral rights appraisal from our team, you’ll be gaining valuable information about earning the highest possible value for your oil and gas rights. You can also learn about selling your Texas mineral rights in our Mineral Rights 101 guide.

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Why Should You Sell Your Texas Mineral Rights to Ferrari Energy?

Ferrari Energy, one of the top oil & gas companies in Colorado, can help you leverage your Texas mineral rights in order to generate a profit and potentially increase your income. Our team will work with you on every aspect of your mineral rights ownership, guiding you through the process from title research through the final sale. If you’re interested in selling your mineral rights in Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us to start monetizing your Texas mineral rights today!

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